View of Bay Park from Mission Bay

Buying a Home in Bay Park

Considering buying a home in Bay Park, San Diego or its surrounding neighborhoods?

Whether you’re a first-time buyer, looking for foreclosure or short sale investment, buying with a VA loan or shopping for a bay view dream home, Kyley and Bay Park San Diego Realty can serve your every need! And as a home buyer, our services are completely free to you!

*We are dedicated to your best interests. You save money and get the home you want because we negotiate the best price and terms on your behalf.

*Exclusive Buyer Instant Notification System. Be first to know about new homes for sale and even some “coming soon” before they’re marketed.

*One-stop shopping saves you countless hours. The home search is done for you so you don’t have to spend any time searching for information about properties from “For Sale” signs or newspaper ads, or spend your weekends open house hopping. We can also suggest lenders, inspectors and other valuable referrals.

*Exclusive clientele. You get personalized and timely service because we work only with a limited number of qualified buyers at any given time so you’re always a priority.

*Expert counseling skills. You are informed consumers because more time is spent educating you about the home buying process and the right questions are asked in order to find the perfect home for you.

*Extensive knowledge and exposure throughout the Bay Park community means a greater choice of homes for you and better chance of getting your offer accepted.

*Comparative market analysis. You save money because intimately knowing comparable home sales prices will help you determine the best price to offer for a property.

*Disclosure of all known conditions of the property. You are protected because pertinent disclosures will be solicited from the seller and reviewed with you.

*Monitor inspections. You’re protected because we will attend the professional inspections done during escrow and help you negotiate any needed repairs with the seller.

*Expertly guide you through the escrow process. Escrow instructions, preliminary title reports, Homeowner Association (HOA) documents, and other important forms will be reviewed so challenges that arise may be addressed and hopefully overcome.

*Follow-up after the close of escrow. To make sure you’re happy in your new home!

You are in good hands with Bay Park San Diego Realty and the SD Homes Team. We have happy clients- read their reviews of our service or ask to talk with them!

For more information or to speak with Kyley, call 619.885.3941 or click here to contact us.


You’ll have a better experience if you understand the home-buying process. Don’t miss out on your dream home by skipping the planning step! Here is a basic overview but don’t worry- We’ll explain the process, answer questions and help you every step of the way!