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Gasp! 2016 Bay Park Home Prices went up how much?

Are Bay Park Homes in Demand? Yep! Bay Park is more popular than ever. We were even voted San Diego’s “Favorite Neighborhood” in the recent Union Tribune Poll so it’s no surprise that Bay Park home prices are up and  in very high demand. In fact, the average Bay Park home sold in 2016 accepted […]

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March 2015 Bay Park Neighborhood Update

Hi Neighbors! In case you didn’t get the March update delivered to your front porch, you can check it out here (March 2015 Bay Park Brochure). Don’t miss… -A photo and details of the 2014 Bay Park Median Home sold + 2014 Closing Stats. How does your home compare???       -Introducing The Bay Park Beauty […]

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Bay Park Holiday Lights

One of the things I love about living in Bay Park is the wonderful variety of home styles. They run the gamete from spacious, modern masterpieces to charming, cozy cottages and everything in-between. Our holiday light displays follow suit….one size does not fit all! For Griswold-inspired holiday mania, just buy out the after-Christmas sales and […]

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Welcome to Bay Park’s new interactive neighborhood website! Here you can always find the latest news, search the Bay Park business directory (and add your own business!), view (and add to!) the Bay Park events calendar, get details on our schools and churches and easily view every home currently for sale in the neighborhood.  Use […]

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