Bay Park Trolley & Possible Height Increase Along Morena

The Latest on the Trolley Coming to Bay Park & Possible Height Increase Along Morena Blvd.

Updated 4/25/14

The Morena Blvd. Station Area Planning Study is the name given to the work being done in conjunction with the “Mid Coast Trolley Expansion” or to us, the trolley coming through Bay Park. There are exciting improvements planned for Morena and also some recommendations related to increased housing density & possible maximum height increases up to 60 feet which some residents are very concerned about.

Click here to review the Morena Blvd. Station Area Planning Study & Recommendations in full.

Learn more and share your opinion at the Community Meeting on 4/30/14 at 7pm at Bay Park Elem.

Hear the opinions of the candidates you’ll be choosing from for Districts 2 & 6 at the Candidate Forum May 1st at 7pm at Cadman Elementary.

Notes from Workshop 3 for the Morena Blvd. Station Area Planning Study
Midcoast Trolley Expansion
Tues., 11/12/13,  Humane Society Classroom, 5500 Gaines St. 

MidCoast Trolley Expansion

Potential land use changes were presented for community feedback ranging from moderate to aggressive in terms of what  may be suggested to the city. Changes will make better use of underutilized space,  increase housing density to support local Bay Park business and the new trolley stops as well as provide more affordable housing in the area. The largest parcels for suggested changes were Bay View Plaza and the land occupied by City Chevrolet. These appear the most likely places for future apartments or mixed use space (retail/residential).

Not surprisingly, a topic of concern for Bay Park residents is the bay view and potential negative impacts of taller buildings. The most aggressive suggestion would allow up to 6 stories (2 below grade for parking and 4 above grade). The hotel currently located at Bay View Plaza is 3 stories and several residents were concerned about anything taller. The facilitator repeatedly reminded everyone that what actually happens on these parcels is up to the land owners and subject to current tenant leases and obligations. They are simply suggesting future land use changes…for example commercial space changing to mixed use commercial/residential.

The other major topic was Morena Blvd (the street itself) and the Tecolote and Clairemont bridges. Options were presented for changes to streets, parking, sidewalks, lanes, bike lanes, etc. and again were tiered in terms of how aggressive they were in making steps to improve bike and pedestrian mobility and slowing down traffic to help local business. The options varied by the width of sidewalks, bike lanes and buffers and included one option with a large path for walkers and bikers to share running from Balboa all the way South to Friars.

One thing that was hard for me to decide personally is whether it’s worth sacrificing a lane heading South on West Morena to accommodate a very bike and pedestrian friendly set-up. Would a more conservative approach retaining 2 lanes on both sides of Morena be better?

Another interesting idea is to use the very large median in the center of the Clairemont Dr. bridge as a pedestrian & bike path so the freeway on/off ramps would no longer be an issue. Prior meetings had residents in agreement that it’s just too dangerous to walk or bike across those bridges to access Mission Bay.

Knoxville (by Coronado Brewing Co.) will connect to West Morena. This is already in the community plan and there were no objections raised.

Click here to view the presentation from Workshop 3 . A consolidated solution incorporating the most recent community feedback should be available after the new year prior to submission to the City of San Diego. Please share your thoughts and feedback here if you’d like it passed along at the next workshop.

Visit SANDAG’s website for the project for complete details and renderings of the new trolley stations!

Morena_ProjectFlyer_Nov 12

Workshop 2 Presentation