Bay Park Holiday Lights

One of the things I love about living in Bay Park is the wonderful variety of home styles. They run the gamete from spacious, modern masterpieces to charming, cozy cottages and everything in-between. Our holiday light displays follow suit….one size does not fit all! For Griswold-inspired holiday mania, just buy out the after-Christmas sales and mix it all together! For a tasteful, elegant display, try all white lights and delicate wicker reindeer. And if you don’t have the holiday gusto to break out the ladder and decorate the outside of your home, just let that Christmas tree shine in your front window. Beautiful!

As with anything else you do to enhance your home and curb appeal, holiday light displays seem to slow neighbors as they pass by. A compliment leads to a conversation and the next thing you know, an unknown neighbor becomes a friend. Or at the very least, they make walking your dog in the evening more enjoyable!

We narrowed down the stand-outs to three homes that really shine. Vote for YOUR favorite! We’ll post the winner after the holidays.

1.  An Elegant Bay Park Soirée

2. Santa’s coming to BP

3.  A Griswold Christmas

For other nearby Christmas Lights, check out Mount Burnham Street in Clairemont, Jamar & Lana Dr. (behind Madison High School), PetCo Park Winter Wonderland, Sea World, Jungle Bells at the SD Zoo, Garrison Street in Point Loma and the Bay of Lights Parade downtown.